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Well where I live there's an organization known as SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program). Well I didn't't get chosen to work, so I volunteered at this place. I volunteered as someone to look over the SYEP people. Lol, mostly girls ^^. And I can get free fewd from them! But I don't like them... theya re too ummmm aggressive but slow at the same time? (Let's just say... they are retards~!)

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    This is My Life....

    Ever wonder why life sucks so much???It is probably due to your loneliness......

    My name is Jason

    I hate racist people, one good example Rosie O' Donell. Search her name up on youtube.
    I azn.....
    I like anime for most part, this includes a bit of action, comedy, and romance. No ecchi or harem....

    I hate people who pretends to be a friend!


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