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So I decided to call up one of my friend to hang out and study a bit for the upcoming tests we have. WE were to meet at a library at 1:30pm. Lol He was late tho he lives closer to it XD. I was starving when he got to me. So we walked around to get some food. After entering like 5 different store I bought a meatball sub for 5$. Gross me out... Anyway, than I felt like eating sweets, so we went to get some drinks, than to the bakery and bought some cup cakes. Went in the library and studied. The kids around the school was being released. They are about to graduate, since they were wearing those 8th grade senior shirts. Hhehe Harass time.... JK. Well after this we decided to go over to his house to check out this computer. Nothing to do.... we just slack around. Than I suggested we play basketball. So we head over to a little school yard. Foul shots, etc. I suck. I can dibble okay, but I have no control of my strength at all. The ball went outta street. Damn Redneck ran over the ball, it didn't pop though. He got out of his car, and was like your fudging AZNs better not have dented my car... Cheap ass 95' car anyway. I cant get those for 800  bucks. He threw the ball back, I was like (~.~)^...... oWELL, headed home....... Along the way, I saw this guy on the car, calling me Chiny.... COME OVER HEAR cHINY.... Ignored them. Mother Fookers.... Owell .....

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    Ever wonder why life sucks so much???It is probably due to your loneliness......

    My name is Jason

    I hate racist people, one good example Rosie O' Donell. Search her name up on youtube.
    I azn.....
    I like anime for most part, this includes a bit of action, comedy, and romance. No ecchi or harem....

    I hate people who pretends to be a friend!


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