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Monday~ again tomorrow! I regret wasting my Sunday.... I would've go out but.... I forgot all my friends have planns.. What I expect when I only have about 2 friends that I ever trust and hang out with? I guess it was since that incident that happened to me in 7th grade when I started to distrust everyone.... Even ones that hang out with me now in school, I don't trust them at all. I'm starting to wonder why life was ever started. Why can't the world just stay blank and empty? Nothing to be ever made...... I feel tired... living a life is hard, I always wonder why can't life be like anime, why can't it be easy like just waking up, than going to sleep? Why is life so hard? To think that everyone is equal, what a lie. No one is equal- we have to face the fact. Everyone now adays despise each other for their procession! I guess it is true, if you're miserable you would want someone who is even more miserable compare to you. BUt how can I find someone who is even more miserable? (As in miserable I don't mean in being poor, being hungry, etc. I mean being lonely) I rather live a life of a country boy, with someone who I can trust and be poor.... Guess life just don't go your way. What can I do to alter my life ~don't think you can, or maybe I'm just not trying hard enough to change it.

~My only 2 friends I Trust
Jimmy W. and Christopher W.

May life be delightful someday!

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    This is My Life....

    Ever wonder why life sucks so much???It is probably due to your loneliness......

    My name is Jason

    I hate racist people, one good example Rosie O' Donell. Search her name up on youtube.
    I azn.....
    I like anime for most part, this includes a bit of action, comedy, and romance. No ecchi or harem....

    I hate people who pretends to be a friend!


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