Anime! ♪We are currently living in HELL!♪

Woke up around 5:30 and realized that it's all white outside. Check the news, didn't say my school was closed. Check the internet, my school wasn't closed. Finally dressed up and head out for school. Mother Fudgers, half way around my trip to school my sis called...... NO SCHOOL! ALL NYC SCHOOL CLOSED!.......

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    This is My Life....

    Ever wonder why life sucks so much???It is probably due to your loneliness......

    My name is Jason

    I hate racist people, one good example Rosie O' Donell. Search her name up on youtube.
    I azn.....
    I like anime for most part, this includes a bit of action, comedy, and romance. No ecchi or harem....

    I hate people who pretends to be a friend!


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