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Well where I live there's an organization known as SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program). Well I didn't't get chosen to work, so I volunteered at this place. I volunteered as someone to look over the SYEP people. Lol, mostly girls ^^. And I can get free fewd from them! But I don't like them... theya re too ummmm aggressive but slow at the same time? (Let's just say... they are retards~!)


So I decided to call up one of my friend to hang out and study a bit for the upcoming tests we have. WE were to meet at a library at 1:30pm. Lol He was late tho he lives closer to it XD. I was starving when he got to me. So we walked around to get some food. After entering like 5 different store I bought a meatball sub for 5$. Gross me out... Anyway, than I felt like eating sweets, so we went to get some drinks, than to the bakery and bought some cup cakes. Went in the library and studied. The kids around the school was being released. They are about to graduate, since they were wearing those 8th grade senior shirts. Hhehe Harass time.... JK. Well after this we decided to go over to his house to check out this computer. Nothing to do.... we just slack around. Than I suggested we play basketball. So we head over to a little school yard. Foul shots, etc. I suck. I can dibble okay, but I have no control of my strength at all. The ball went outta street. Damn Redneck ran over the ball, it didn't pop though. He got out of his car, and was like your fudging AZNs better not have dented my car... Cheap ass 95' car anyway. I cant get those for 800  bucks. He threw the ball back, I was like (~.~)^...... oWELL, headed home....... Along the way, I saw this guy on the car, calling me Chiny.... COME OVER HEAR cHINY.... Ignored them. Mother Fookers.... Owell .....


School started off plenty nice. Good weather today ^^" I was taking the train and realized my stomach was hurting and I needed to peeeeeee badly. So I rushed to school. Luckily the bathroom was open and........
I did what I have to do when I reach the critical point of when nature calls. Anyway, all my classes went by pretty well. Than comes GYM CLASS! These White/Mexican guy violated one of my friend. He was forcing my friend to do something. (Tell the seniors  in the weight room or the locker room to get the fook out!) Well my friend didn't response and walked away. A few minutes later that Mexican Wannabee came back. He was like "Why don't you do it, it so fooking easy. You don't want me to snuff you do you? Go fooking do it, or I'm going to hurt you, etc."
My firend said no, and that fooktart voilated him and spit at my friend. Than he walked alway. I was getting ready for a fight. But my firend was piss^^ Took a chair aviable and was about to pwn him. But teacher stopped him and got things straight.... Well Luckily I don't have to fight.... Cause if I do most likely my glassese will break..... I cut my last peroid class today ^^ and got an ice cream cone with sprinkles!!....
I;m not sharing!~


Yesterday was Friday 4/03/2009.... probably one of the best day I had. Yesterday I got my results back about transferring schools! Yipppeeeeee I got into Edward R. Murrow! Heehehe.... but since I got something good, I bet I will have something bad happening to me. SO my stomach started to hurt, due to meeating a whole bunch of junk and drinking 2 cans of snapple that  day! Had to hold in my feces for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, before I got home and burst! Lol! And, currently uploading mad anime!


Monday~ again tomorrow! I regret wasting my Sunday.... I would've go out but.... I forgot all my friends have planns.. What I expect when I only have about 2 friends that I ever trust and hang out with? I guess it was since that incident that happened to me in 7th grade when I started to distrust everyone.... Even ones that hang out with me now in school, I don't trust them at all. I'm starting to wonder why life was ever started. Why can't the world just stay blank and empty? Nothing to be ever made...... I feel tired... living a life is hard, I always wonder why can't life be like anime, why can't it be easy like just waking up, than going to sleep? Why is life so hard? To think that everyone is equal, what a lie. No one is equal- we have to face the fact. Everyone now adays despise each other for their procession! I guess it is true, if you're miserable you would want someone who is even more miserable compare to you. BUt how can I find someone who is even more miserable? (As in miserable I don't mean in being poor, being hungry, etc. I mean being lonely) I rather live a life of a country boy, with someone who I can trust and be poor.... Guess life just don't go your way. What can I do to alter my life ~don't think you can, or maybe I'm just not trying hard enough to change it.

~My only 2 friends I Trust
Jimmy W. and Christopher W.

May life be delightful someday!


I don't know why my life is so screwed up.... I never had much luck when it comes to education. Everyday I go to my school. Just because I'm asian, all those racist black people have to mock me. Not like I wanted to go to a black school.... Screw them. They don't know how it feels- no friends, nothing, no happiness, nothing at all. I really wish I get to transfer to a different school. This feeling, its worst than getting beat up. This pain... it aches just thinking about it. I want someone who can understand me, is there any? My parents don't even know how I feel. I wish something good would happen to me soon. Tomorrow is Monday ~ school. I don't even have anyone to hear me out. I can't imagine how life would be if I was able to release all this pain out ~ maybe another version of the Virginia Tech Shooting! Hatred must go... T.T

I'm tired of acting happy all the time....


I was in school during at gym. I can't do much since i got a back injury. So I was just hangin around. People mad fun of me and called me weak (they were black). I didn't give a damn..... Just walked away. So than it come to the goin home part.... I was doing nothing wrong. Just waiting for the A train at the station. I crossed to black women and I was like watch out please. They were like you better watch out your Fudgin Chino...... Fook them!


I guess it is a pretty awful year for a dog zodiac person. Cause I'm a dog zodiac in Chinese. Today on the way to school a pigeon took a crap on me..... Luckily it didn't hit me straight on my face. It landed right on the left side of my pocket on my Spyder jacket.... I went to school, the bathroom. Washed it like hell, than asked my friend for hand sanitizer  and scrubbed it all over my jacket. I would say a pretty crappy day and probably a crappy year for me!


Fudge all black people that are racist. I was waiting for the train today. These fudgin 5 black guy ganged up and punched me..... They deserve the real name of N1GGERS!!!! Don't get my wrong, I'm not racist.


Woke up around 5:30 and realized that it's all white outside. Check the news, didn't say my school was closed. Check the internet, my school wasn't closed. Finally dressed up and head out for school. Mother Fudgers, half way around my trip to school my sis called...... NO SCHOOL! ALL NYC SCHOOL CLOSED!.......

    This is My Life....

    Ever wonder why life sucks so much???It is probably due to your loneliness......

    My name is Jason

    I hate racist people, one good example Rosie O' Donell. Search her name up on youtube.
    I azn.....
    I like anime for most part, this includes a bit of action, comedy, and romance. No ecchi or harem....

    I hate people who pretends to be a friend!


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